What Would We Get From Potential Marvel/Fox Deal


After the successful partnership between Marvel and Sony regarding our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, beginning with his appearance in Captain America Civil War, continuing with the jointly produced  Spider-Man Homecoming and now what looks to be a wider Spider-Verse, rumours of initial talks between the overlords and Fox, the studio that currently houses both the X-Verse and The Fantastic Four, have cropped up.

Now I for one am not counting their chickens that this will actually happen or that it is even true but I think it is every Marvel comic book and movie fan’s dream that this happens.

Now I am going to point out something that makes me think it could possibly be true.A year ago Hugh Jackman teased his 3rd and final appearance in a solo movie as Logan/Weapon X/Wolverine and that they were aiming for an adaptation of popular comic book story line “Old Man Logan”, a story set in a distopian future, where most of the heroes we know are either gone or changed for good.

This storyline featured a fair few characters that we know from the MCU. His employer is Hawkeye, and the world is run by supervillains, Red Skull, The Abomination (both owned by Marvel in the Cinematic World), Dr Doom and Magneto. The biggest change of character is the major villain of the piece, again partially owned by Marvel (partially owned will give you a big clue as to who it is!!)

Taking Abomination’s (his formal nemesis) place as the leader of his own land on earth is……. The Incredible Hulk. Now married to his first cousin, Jennifer Walters/ She-Hulk, they lead a clan of inbred Hulk children.


Now I won’t spoil any more of the story, but to show the point, this story would have been very difficult to tell without the use of the MCU characters that play a major part.

Now more recently, though Hugh Jackman having been seen on set looking like a rather more aged Logan, it seems that there is a possibility that Fox aren’t actually adapting Old Man Logan, but actually seem to doing a story that possibly is setting up the introduction of X-23, the female version of Wolverine.

Now this hasn’t been confirmed but if this is true, maybe the talks with Marvel have made them consider pushing a version of Old Man Logan back, maybe to use the MCU characters further down the line when a deal has been explored.

Obviously, the other thing to throw out there is the diabolical box office performance of the recent reboot of The Fantastic Four. Marvel’s First Family have been given a fairly rough ride over at Fox, the first attempt spawned a sequel but they played second fiddle to The X-Men, while the re-boot tried to re-imagine the characters that didn’t work.

I wonder if the way in for Marvel is to offer the same kind of deal they agreed with Sony, in the sense of they could take creative control of FF4 while letting Fox keep their cut. And maybe the other way round for X-Men, maybe let Fox use the characters that they need for an Old Man Logan film.

My struggle is seeing the X-Men infiltrate the MCU. Marvel have already introduced their versions of certain mutants and more or less destroy any notion of mutants, by either claiming they are experiments or InHumans.

So that is my take on what any possible deal my entail. Despite my reservations regarding introducing X-Men to the MCU, being a fanboy I want this deal to happen.

How do you feel about this happening?



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