The Civil War Continues Behind The Scenes


The division between Studios side of Marvel and TV shows seems to be ever increasing.

While fans are desperate to see Agent Coulson return to movie universe and for the likes Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones to make their cinematic bow, this seems increasingly unlikely.

Where as previously head honcho of the movies, Kevin Feige, reported to Marvel, after a falling out with Chairman, Ike Perlmutter, Feige agreed to a deal that now sees him report to Disney CEO, Bob Iger.

Now whether this has only caused more problems between Feige and Perlmutter, its unknown, but the fact that the issues were bad enough to cause the split in the first place, you know there is trouble.

It’s been said the reason for non-appearance of the ABC and Netflix actors are because TV shows move so fast compared to a movie that takes the good part of the year to film, means that its difficult to right the characters the same way that they are in the TV shows, I’m not buying that.


Look at Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, it might be the other way round, but they have included all the big Marvel event movies as part of their story line. Winter Soldier,Age of Ultron and Civil War have played a major impact on the story line, so it seems to me Perlmutter is still willing to work with the movie side of things, yet Feige doesn’t want to acknowledge the blossoming TV shows.

The interesting twist comes from firstly the InHumans. When the film was first announced no one in a million years thought they would pop up on AoS, let alone become the major arc for two seasons. Now they have done this, Feige has seemingly determined they aren’t worthy of a film for themselves, despite S.H.I.E.L.D. not touching any of the main characters from the comics and also now moving away from this story, with the introduction of another major character in Ghost Rider, which looks like it could possibly be a tie in to Doctor Strange. (Again Perlmutter making no bones about using the movies as a launch base).

The second twist is that it seems like Feige isn’t overly bothered about losing these characters. Being the business head of the Studio seems to pushed him to new heights of power and is bring back lost characters. Firstly, and I think the major one, was the deal he did with Sony to bring to the Spider-verse into the MCU family.

Secondly, and this is only a rumour at the moment, is the possible return of Fox owned properties. After an article published on that claimed that the upcoming X-Men property, TV show Legion, was part of the future MCU slate. Now we have been clamoring for the return  of The Fantastic Four to Marvel, but did anyone see the X-franchise returning?? Cause we certainly didn’t.


Rumours, with the introduction of dimensions firstly in Ant-Man and later this year, Doctor Strange, are that the X-Men could be folded into the MCU as an alternate dimension.

While nothing is confirmed, you can see why Fox might consider it, see how well received Spider-Man was received in Civil War and the buzz regarding his upcoming solo film.

Could this be the point where we could finally see the rift between TV and film universe be healed, with a joint effort to fold the Fox properties into both fields, only time will tell, but we can hope that one day it might happen.


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