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We promised you Marvel with British accents (bit like Jarvis, only not as cool as Paul Bettany. Or James D’Arcy). So now seems like an ideal time to meet your British hosts. You won’t have any problems telling them apart; there are 4 very distinctive accents on the team and as luck would have it, they are from the North, South and middle of the country. You can’t get any more diverse than that!

The Mockney
First up is the creator of the blog, Paul Washington. He’s from Watford, Hertfordshire. He comes from a village called Croxley Green which benefits from being on the Metropolitan tube line, just half an hour away from central London.  He’s not a cockney or Londoner, but kinda sounds like one. Although he may not thank you for saying so! He counts Marvel, DC, Disney, Watford FC, conventions and playing guitar among his interests. He’s married with a son (Sam, 3) and when he’s not being a full blown geek, he’s enjoying days out with the family in the Peak District. Paul’s a Capricorn and according to his wife, Capricorns retain a ton of information and can reel off facts, figures, dates and events from memory. Paul is always either connected to his Macbook, iPad or iPhone (or all 3) and that means information going into that Capricorn brain 24/7. He’s here to share all of that information, knowledge and random facts with you fellow Marvel fans.

Paul (and wife Lisa) at the regional Premiere of Avengers Age of Ultron

The Brummie
Tony hails from Hereford and has also lived in Birmingham, giving him distinctive Brummie accent (he’ll argue otherwise. Tune in for episode one coming soon and you can decide!). There’s not much Tony doesn’t know about movies, books, games and the geek-verse in general. If he doesn’t know it, it’s probably not worth knowing. An aspiring script writer, regular Podcaster, convention attender and awesome Cos-Player, Tony brings years of experience to the line up and has a lot to share with fellow Marvel fans. By years of experience, we’re not implying he’s old or anything. Nope.

Tony & the divine Hayley Atwell

The Two Scousers
Craig has been involved with Podcasts for about 5 years; from “Your Mousecast” to “Dis After Dark”. Growing up he adored Spider man & The Hulk on TV but that’s as far as his Marvel interest progressed.  He’s seen the Avengers Movies & all DC movies & is coming on this podcast to learn more, so you guys get to learn alongside him!

Don’t worry. We’ll get him posing with something Marvel related soon.

Joshua is the ‘not quite Scouse one’. The guy who knows it all…..if you’ve got a comics question, chances are he knows the answer, and if he doesn’t then he’ll God damn find out!

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